Barrel Aged Scotch Ale

Barrel Aged Scotch Ale

It’s as black as the soul that made it.  Don’t let the darkness scare you it is a easy drinking beer for more experienced souls.

The nose is unimaginable complex.  You will get Oak, bourbon, Chocolate, Malt, Fuity, coffee, and Vanilla I love the nose on this beer.

The mouth feel is full with a little bit of silk.  The flavored is as complex as the the nose, this is one to be sipped over a period of time and enjoyed. With 10% alcohol it will fatigue the palate if a large amount is drank.

It is a beer that brings flavor to the max but not in an overpowering way.  It will be one you can age and can be the envy of your friends but it’s hard not to drink it all.

4 points of interest

IBU 45

ABV 10.2%

33 SRM

FG 1.031

Suggest cigar of a Madura or a Havana.

I would use this as dessert if you want it with a meal it’s not super sweet but it’s filling.

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