Irish Red

Irish Red

A nice red hue that signals it’s time to drink like an Irishman.

On the nose you will notice Carmel and malty notes with very low to no hop smell

The flavor is one that’s easy to drink with Carmel, Malt and a hint of spice makes a refreshing beer.  I does linger in the aftertaste that will make any one enjoy it over a long period of time..  The spice helps this beer shine.

It is a nice Irish Red that I think has some lager qualities.  It crisp and dry but it is an Ale that is a nice way to bring in the spring.

4 points of interest

31 IBU


12.7 SRM


I would pair a cigar that is lighter and may have a creamy feel in the smoke.

Serve with lamb, French Onion, or Roast beef. We 

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