Zellikan Cream Ale

Zellikan Cream Ale

Ligh color beer that is diverse enough for novice to snobby.

Smell will be a nice biscuit with sublet spice and a nice mild fruit background, it is layered to be a delight to your nose.

Full body beer with oaty goodness. It has appeal for all beer connoisseur’s. With the bready goodness followed by diverse fruity goodness this is one beer that will be sure to leave everyone satisfied.

This is the beer that my friends got me convinced to open a brewery, it is one you will not forget.

4 points of interest

IBU 20

4.8% ABV


1.014 FG
Pairs well with a Havana wrapper Cigar, I personally like a touch of spicy in the cigar with this beer.

Serve with Alfreado sauce pasta, seafood, or a lighter chicken dish.

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