Peach Saison

Peach Saison

It is Light in golden straw color but heavy on the thirst quenching side

The nose will complex but subtle. You will notice some malt with a touch of tartness.  The peach will come through but in a relaxed way and tucked away in the peach smell is a nice hop and spiceness.

The mouthfeel is interesting it will have a nice silky texture, you just have to drink it to enjoy that statement..  It is a great summer beer that is refreshing evening beer, let’s face it IPA’s and Porter’s are not a 90 degree summer beer.  

Best enjoyed on a warm summer evening with that cool special person in your life.

4 points of interest




FG 1.005
Cigar paired would be a sweet tipped or Dominican 

Best served with desserts or spicy food.

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