Double IPA

Double IPA

Golden color that has a massive amount of flavor and punch.

The nose will pick up some malt in the background but the hops will shine for days.  Sorachi Ace hops will shine Lemon and Dill and Nugget hops for the buttering hops will make it a roughed up bitter IPA that only beefiest of IPA drinkers will be able to drink.  Don’t blame us if you cry in public when you drink this beer, the weak shall be weeded out and only the strong will survive.

It will have a medium to full body mouth feel to it with great lacing and head retention. You will notice a little malt with this IPA but mainly you will have a abundance of Bitterness, Lemon, Dill, and Pine.  You may have a little saltiness from the tears.

This beer makes or breaks a beer drinker that is like a punch in the face.

4 points of interest

IBU 87


7.5 SRM

1.021 FG

Cigar suggestion is a Robusto or a Spicy Honduran Cigar

Suggested food is Salty or fried food, Indian Curry, a zesty Salsa

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