“For Craft and Community”

“For Craft and Community”

Our Slogan covers everything. Craft being something different, tastey, and quality product.  For community we are invested in the community because the community is invested in us.  Once we are up and running we will be looking for way’s to help benefit the community.

Some of our initiatives will be a once a year fundraiser around April or May where we will do a “slow roll” around Pittsburg on bicycles and meet back at the brewery for some drinks and snacks.  The first year we do this it will be a benefit for us, it’s pretty darn expensive to get the brewery going and we will need all the help we can.  The second year we will probably look for a couple of local charities where the money will stay local.  Probably something with the art’s and some other charity to help senior citizen’s, children, or veterans.

We will work with local events to compliment them and bring some value.  Like little Balkins day 5K run.  After you run it bring your number in and get a dollar off your beer, because after running a 5K everyone likes a barrel aged beer.  Or we may do ride your bike to the brewery on Sunday and get a dollar off your first beer.  Little things to help bring value to the community and benefit the community.

We look forward to helping in the community when we get the brewery open and operating.


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