Cigars and Beer!

Cigars and Beer!

When I think of Cigars I think of Whiskey as a pairing but you can also pair a nice cigar with a great Jolly Fox brew.  Here are a few guide lines to think about when you are going to pair a cigar with a beer. (Of course my younger days of Miller Lite and Swisher Sweet while fishing was good)

A Nice Robust cigar goes well with a nice Stout, Porter, or Barrel Aged beer.  These beers will hold up and compliment the Cigar.  I prefer Padron Anniversary cigar when I am drinking my Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale.

A spicey or sharp cigar will pair perfectly with an IPA or DIPA.  You can also smoke a robust cigar but I would go with a lighter robust cigar when drinking an IPA.

For Saison’s or lighter beers I would pair it with a lighter cigar, like a Connecticut shade wrapper.  They both are light and will complement each other.

At The Jolly Fox Brewery we will have a nice large patio that is partially covered.  We will have Cigar Sunday’s and certain designated area’s where you will be able to smoke thought the week on the Patio.  I am a Cigar and Pipe smoker but do want to respect other non smoker’s on the patio to try to have a good time by all.  Remember a good cigar is always enhanced with a great beverage and great company.


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