Saison’s are a Farmhouse beer that was traditionally brewed at a lighter ABV typically around 3%, so the farm workers have something to drink but wouldn’t pass out half way through the workday.

We are always open to suggestions on what the community wants brewed but there are 3 distinctive beers that I will brew in this style and it will be Spring, Summer, and Fall Schedule.

  1. For Spring it will be a regular Saison that is very clean and crisp.  The yeast will impart a little fruity and ever so subtle spices notes but will not be a dominate trait of the beer.  We will keep this around 5.5%
  2. The Peach Saison will be a great liter summer drink. This was designed with the aid of Kyle Mullen.  It will be slightly sweeter 5% beer that has a noticeable Peach flavor.  Will be a nice crisp summer beer that is light and refreshing.
  3. A Spiced Saison for fall.  This will be like a regular Saison but will be 6 or 6.5% and will be spiced with black pepper and ginger.  A good fall beer to warm you up during the crisp fall evenings.  This is a personal favorite of mine as I love black pepper and ginger.  The spice will not dominate the beer but be just enough to make it interesting.

As noted we are always open to suggestions that beers the Pittsburg community maybe interested in as a whole, write a post on our Facebook page for all to see and discuss if you have a suggestion.


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